Using DataGrip as a Cross Platform IDE for Exploring Databases with WSO2 Identity Server

Shanika Wickramasinghe
3 min readMay 17, 2022


Hello Everyone :)

With this blog post I will explain how you can quickly get DataGrip tool configured on your Linux machine and use it to get wso2 identity server configured on a different database type.

I will be using DB2 11.5 as the database type to get the database scripts executed.

How to get DataGrip tool Installed on Ubuntu 20

  1. Visit
  2. You can install the stable version of the datagrip tool and run it on your linux machine as below
sudo snap install datagrip --classicdatagrip

How to create a New Project in DataGrip

You can activate the trial version or paid version of the tool

Then go to New > Give a project name and create a new project

How to select the Database type from the Data Grip Tool

  1. Click on the + icon > Data Sources > Select the Required Database type (eg:- IBM DB2 )
  2. Add the Details of the pre configured database that you are trying to get connected to
  3. Download the DB driver from this window
  4. Click Apply > ok

How to Add a DB2 Script to DataGrip and run DB2 Script from WSO2 Identity Server

  1. Go to Run > Edit Configurations > + icon > database script
  2. Give a name
  3. Add target datasource ( your registered database will get listed. Select it)
  4. In the Execute > Script section copy and paste the script you want to execute ( product-is-home/dbscripts)
  5. Click Apply > Ok
  6. Then go to Run section > Click on Green icon to run the script

Now You have executed your database script against the created database using the DataGrip tool.



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