Authenticating via Third Party Providers with Cypress Social Login Plugin

  1. Get the Plugin Installed for your cypress project
npm install --save-dev cypress-social-logins
const { GoogleSocialLogin, GitHubSocialLogin } = require(‘cypress-social-logins’).plugins/*** @type {Cypress.PluginConfig}*/module.exports = (on, config) => {// `on` is used to hook into various events Cypress emits// `config` is the resolved Cypress configon(‘task’, {GoogleSocialLogin: GoogleSocialLogin,GitHubSocialLogin: GitHubSocialLogin})}
Cypress.Commands.add(‘userLoginWithGmail’, () => {const socialLoginOptions = {username: ‘’,password: ‘test@1234’,loginUrl: ‘',headless: false,logs: true,loginSelector: ‘button[type=”button”][data-testid=”login-page-sign-in-with-google”]’,postLoginSelector: “[data-testid=side-panel-items-applications]”,popupDelay: 3000,cookieDelay: 2000,args: [‘ — disable-web-security’, ‘ — user-data-dir’, ‘ — allow-running-insecure-content’],isPopup: true,getAllBrowserCookies: true}cy.task(‘GoogleSocialLogin’, socialLoginOptions).then(({ cookies, lsd, ssd }) => { => {cy.setCookie(, cookie.value, {domain: cookie.domain,expiry: cookie.expires,httpOnly: cookie.httpOnly,path: cookie.path,secure:})Cypress.Cookies.defaults({preserve:})})cy.window().then(window => {Object.keys(ssd).forEach(key => window.sessionStorage.setItem(key, ssd[key]))Object.keys(lsd).forEach(key => window.localStorage.setItem(key, lsd[key]))})cy.log(‘login successful.’)cy.visit(‘/’);})})
describe(“1.1- Sign in with Google”,function () {it(“1.1.1- Sign in with Google Sample Test”, () => {cy.userLoginWithGmail();});});
username = Email address for the Google account that you need to authenticatepassword = Password for the Google account that you need to authenticateloginUrl = The URL for the login page that includes the social network buttonsargs = String array which allows providing further arguments to puppeteerheadless = Whether to run puppeteer in headless mode or notloginSelector = A selector on the page that defines the specific social network to use and can be clicked, such as a button or a linkpostLoginSelector = A selector on the post-login page that can be asserted upon to confirm a successful logingetAllBrowserCookies = Whether to get all browser cookies instead of just ones with the domain of loginUrlisPopup = Boolean, is your google auth displayed like a popuppopupDelay = number, delay a specific milliseconds before popup is shown. Pass a falsy (false, 0, null, undefined, ‘’) to avoid completelycookieDelay = number, delay a specific milliseconds before get a cookies. Pass a falsy (false, 0, null,undefined,’’) to avoid completely



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